Who is Mustafa Bayhan?


Who is Mustafa Bayhan?

Hello, I am Mustafa Bayhan. If you're wondering who I am and our paths crossed here, let me tell you a little about myself. I am a data scientist working in areas closely related to data such as data analysis, data visualization, database management and reporting. While I improve myself in these popular fields of today and the future, I have been sharing content on this page since 2022 in order to share my knowledge with those who want to progress on this path.

What was the main reason for me to create this page?

What did Einstein say? If you can't explain it simply, it means you don't understand it well. I am someone who believes that the best way to learn is to explain. I am a researcher who conducts research in line with this belief, learns new information and tries to share this information with people and make the readers a part of this development.

What can I contribute to you?

Since you are still studying, it means we will travel this path together. Of course, you are wondering what I can add to you. I am someone who follows the innovations in the sector, researches new technologies and likes to use these technologies. In this blog, I share the innovations and methods that shape both the present and the future and help readers follow these innovations. I follow many practices and studies, especially in areas such as data analysis and reporting, and I also carry out studies on these areas and share them on this page. The greatest opportunity that I and this page will bring to you is that you will be able to access the most up-to-date techniques, projects and developments in data-related fields as soon as possible. Not to mention our opportunity to shape the future together by learning these techniques and projects together!

What are my experiences?

You must have started to say that these things cannot be done with words. When it comes down to it, everyone is a researcher, everyone is a data analyst! Then let me tell you a little about my experiences, successes and of course failures that brought me to this day. I started my career with a startup experiment: TetaSoftware. We started this digitalization adventure in 2021 with great enthusiasm, with an excellent team that knows very well the importance of digitalization and its place in the future. The team is perfect, the idea is perfect, of course you are starting to wonder about the result. Of course we FAILED.

Of course, not every road has to end well. The important thing is what you learn along the way and how you can continue on your way with more experience even if you fail. After this experience, which I never considered a failure and which added a lot, I wanted to experience digitalization processes in a corporate company. For this reason, I started working in the customer experience department of Turkcell Global Bilgi company. I had the opportunity to use my experiences while learning new information in many fields. I took an active role in these studies by being involved in the work of many sectors, companies and teams. While developing my competencies in the fields of reporting, digitalization and many programs such as SQL, Excel and Python, I took an active role in data analysis and artificial intelligence studies in the team. After this good experience, I continue my work in the field of budget and reporting at KFC Turkey, where I still work actively. Learning new information in the Finance department, which has a very important place for every company, improving my skills in reporting and increasing my familiarity with data is both a new and a very nice adventure for me.

Now you know me! Would you like to develop, learn and even share your knowledge with me on this journey where I am motivated to be more developed than the previous day every day? If your answer is yes, I will be very happy to meet you. If you want to reach me, it doesn't matter what the topic is. You can write to my e-mail address bayhanmu19@itu.edu.tr whenever you want, about what you are going through. You can also reach me through my linkedin account. It was nice meeting you. Stay well!

Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/mustafabayhan/