Excel Errors: Common Excel Errors and Solutions

Excel Hataları, Excel Errors

What is Common Excel Errors?


What is Excel #NAME? Error, How to Fix #NAME? Error?

The #NAME? error in Excel occurs when there is an error in the excel formula. To correct the #NAME? error, it will be enough to write the formula correctly. Writing the formula in the wrong language will also cause this error. For example, if Excel settings are in English and the formula is tried to be used in another language, this #NAME? error will occur. For Excel formulas and their correct use, you can review my posts about excel.

What is Excel #VALUE! Error, How to Solve #VALUE! Error?

In Excel, #VALUE! error occurs when the data types used in the formula are different. For example, if you want to multiply two data of number and text type, #VALUE! error occurs. To solve #VALUE! error, data types should be checked.

What is Excel #DIV/0! Error, How to Solve #DIV/0! Error?

In Excel, the error #div/0! occurs when trying to divide a number by zero. The iferror formula can be used to solve this problem. You can review my excel formulas article for the use of the iferror formula and the practical solution of the #div/0!

What is Excel #REF! Error, How to Fix #REF! Error?

In Excel, #REF! error indicates that the cell written in the formula cannot be reached. If you are getting this error, the cell may have been deleted, the excell sheet trying to reach may have been deleted, or if the formula is linked to another excel, the file location of the excel may have changed. To correct the #REF! error in Excel, the location of the cell to be reached must be written correctly.

What is Excel #N/A Error, How to Fix #N/A Error?

In Excel, the #N/A error is common, especially when using the vertical formula. To correct this error, it must be ensured that the searched data is found in the selected range. The #N/A error can be corrected with the IFERROR formula.

What is Excel #NUM! Error, How to Solve #NUM! Error?

Excel #NUM! error occurs in logic errors in mathematical operations. For example, when a negative number is taken into the square root, a mathematical error is made and the #NUM! error occurs. To correct the #NUM! error, the logic error in the operation must be found and corrected.

What is #### Excel Error, How to fix #### Excel Error?

When the number written in the cell does not fit in the cell, #### excel error occurs. To fix the #### excel error, it will be enough to expand the cell and bring it to the width where the number will fit. For detailed information you can also review my article named #### excel error.

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