What is SQL Select and How to use SELECT in SQL

SQL Select komutu nedir nasıl kullanılır, What is SQL Select

We are living in the days when the number of data is rapidly increasing and its importance is better understood day by day. Have you ever wondered where this data is stored and how it is stored? Or have you ever thought about how this data is accessed and used? If yes, you are in the right place! In this article, we will examine the SELECT command, one of the most basic and important commands of SQL. We will look for answers to the questions of what is the SQL SELECT command and how to use the SELECT command. Let's start what we are waiting for then!

What is SELECT in SQL?

SELECT command is a SQL command that allows us to access the data in the database. With the SELECT command, we can access the columns in the database and use the data in these columns.

How to use SELECT in SQL?

When using the Select query, the SELECT statement, the names of the columns to be reached, the FROM statement and the name of the table from which the data will be retrieved are written respectively. The formulation of the query required for the use of the Select query is as follows.

SELECT column_name_1, column_name_2, column_name_3 from TABLE_NAME

Accessing Data with SELECT * in SQL 

What do we do if we want to access all columns in the table, not specific columns? Are we going to write all column names one by one? Of course not! We will use the above command structure again, but we will make a slight change. After the SELECT command, instead of writing the column names, we will put a * sign. With this sign, we will indicate that we want to access all columns. With the following command structure, we can access all columns in the table and the data in these columns.

SELECT * from Table_name

People also ask

What is SQL Server?

SQL server is a relational database management system that allows data to be stored and managed. SQL server is a powerful software used worldwide, allowing complex and large data to be easily stored and used quickly.

What is Sql Server Management Studio, Where to download Microsoft Sql Server Management Studio (SSMS download)?

You can go to microsoft's site using this link and download Sql Server Management Studio (SSMS)..

What is Pl SQL, What is the difference between PL SQL and SQL?

PL SQL is a query program that allows operations on Oracle database. PL SQL, which has the query elements of SQL programming language, also contains programming language elements such as if, else, loop. PL SQL, which consists of both query and programming components, allows comprehensive and dynamic querying.

What is Transact SQL (T SQL)?

Transact Sql (T SQL) is the query language used to operate in SQL database. With T-SQL, queries in SQL can be made, variables can be created, the resulting data can be transformed and stored temporarily.

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